Miquel Vilà
I have often attempted to explain the process of painting. However, after all of these years, I have no clue yet about doing so. 

Indeed, what comes first is the motif - perhaps the sky I see in the morning, a man walking down the beach, or a fish with its gills stained in blood... Yet, it is not until that outside world merges with my inner landscape when I feel compelled to paint it. It is only then when the great adventure begins. Because painting is like shooting in the darkness. With every new painting, the old problems of this art strike back and, with the humble tools of this profession and yet, without relying on fashionable solutions, we learn how to solve them using our own proposal. 

Frankly, the bottom line is that the observer does not really need to care about this. Indeed, one should just look at the artwork because, in doing so, the overall process is finally completed. 

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